Digital Video Production

Digital shootBooker Communications has been producing videos for over eighteen years and have learned how to make the process worthwhile and enjoyable. With the adoption of digital video and non-linear editing almost ten years ago, it's also faster to edit and very easy to make changes because we'll keep all of your scenes and audio archived on your own hard drive.


Part of the digital experience has been the recent improvement in green screen technology which we now use on a regular basis in our productions. We acquired the new ULTRA 2 software for green screen keying. Some exceptional backgrounds and very fine keying make this a fabulous tool.

[camera jib]

We've also got some toys in the closet - like a camera jib. The jib makes it effortless to pick new shots for your commercial, seminar, company video or documentary.

Or our SteadiCam® that allows us to walk and shoot footage at the same time, without jerky camera shots. And let's not forget 3-D video. If you have that special application that can benefit from a really unique approach to video, let us know!

And we enjoy doing it.